5 Common Commercial Solar Installation Mistakes

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5 Common Commercial Solar Installation Mistakes

Commercial solar installations have skyrocketed in the past few years, owing to massive energy requirements that businesses pose. Nevertheless, they offer a safe investment venture. 

Australian business owners know the importance of going eco-friendly. It’s a great vision to have, and the audiences today appreciate companies that are socially aware and proactive in their campaigns. 

While you can save a lot of money counting on commercial solar, there are a few things that you must avoid. People who have committed these mistakes regret their decisions because commercial solar installations are not cheap. 

Invest wisely and don’t rush your decision of going for commercial solar installation for your workplace.

Few of the common commercial solar installation mistakes include:

1. Dealing with an Unauthorized Seller

Always compare quotes from certified vendors accredited by Australia’s energy council. Although unauthorized sellers can lure businesses into making purchases, they often cheat customers with their cheap material and fake promises. Demand for commercial licensing and evaluate their legal legitimacy before handing over the contract. Ask for practical price quotes, and get a list of services they offer before, during and after the commercial solar installation. 

2. Ignoring the Aspect of Research 

The presence of so many vendors in the market can confuse any business owner. But, the best approach is to consult with various solar agencies, get different quotes, and then schedule a site visit. Some people recklessly finalize the installation deal over a phone call without bothering about the background and prior work experience of the vendor. It’s important to note that celebrated residential solar power agency doesn’t guarantee that they’ll deliver with the same precision for your commercial solar requirements. So, explore your niche, keeping your demands at the forefront, and then meet different solar vendors. 

3. Settling for Low-Quality Solar Installations 

Who doesn’t want to save an extra dollar? But it’s hardly a good proposition if ten dollars saved today cost hundreds of dollars down the lane. Low-quality commercial solar systems are deceptive in their pricing, but they come with several undisclosed compromises. Unfortunately, by the time you understand the issues, it’s already too late. Go for cost-efficient commercial solar installations, but avoid cheap solar quotes that offer poor performance. 

4. Neglecting the Area’s Dimensions and Geography

Roof size, the number of solar panels, shading hours, etc and other such considerations need the utmost attention before one decides to go solar. Ignoring the area’s geography can lead to serious blunders that not only waste money but eat away a lot of time too. If a workstation is always covered under a shade, wait until office relocation. But, to know that, businesses must also understand the location’s dimensions. 

5. Skipping Regular Maintenance

People consider commercial solar installations as a “one and done” venture. They ignore the aspect of periodic machine maintenance. Reputed agencies employ monitoring systems to keep track of power generation and system efficiency. They regularly offer performance upgrades to increase the system’s longevity. If you say “NO” to maintenance, you’re also saying NO to a positive return on your investment. 

To Summarize 
Ignoring any aspect of commercial solar can become the cause of future worries. Don’t trust unauthorized brands, perform in-depth market research, say no to cheap quality systems and yes to regular maintenance. Make an intelligent decision and reap rich dividends from your commercial solar power system.

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