Benefits of Filling the Extra Roof Space with Solar Panels.

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Benefits of Filling the Extra Roof Space with Solar Panels

Roof-top solar installations are beneficial because you don’t have to pay extra costs for trenching and the solar panels get the right amount of sunlight. If you’re a resident or business owner in Australia, now is the time to invest in solar power. PV solar panels now come with lucrative offers to cater to the rising concern over electricity bills. Therefore, it’s best to prefer roof-top solar installations over power-grid systems. 

You can consult with a solar vendor to get an accurate estimate of solar power requirements for your place. Typically, Australian households get 6.5 kilowatts of solar panel installations on an average. But, the limit can go beyond 6.5 kW if:

  • The household boasts of a stable 3-phase power system
  • Large roof spacing
  • Exceedingly high energy requirements 

Here are the various benefits of filling the extra roof space with PV solar panels

1. Complete Energy Utilization 

If you under-utilize the sun’s energy which doesn’t cost you anything, just to save a few dollars on solar installations, it goes down as a wasted opportunity. Roof-top solar installations in 2020 are cost-efficient, ensuring that the earn-back time for the system doesn’t go beyond 5-6 years when you have moderate-to-high energy consumption. Fill the extra roof space with solar panels to utilize maximum solar energy and ensure smooth functioning of all electrical appliances. 

2. More Panels are Effectively Cheaper per Watt 

PV solar panels touch their peak efficiency when they’re able to fulfil your highest power supply demands any given day. If you have decreased the number of solar panels for cost-cutting, you’ll eventually end up paying more. This is because the time frame in which the system pays for itself increases substantially, and you’re paying hefty electricity bills to take care of your remaining power requirements too. Therefore, evaluate your average and peak power supply needs and opt for the fully-solar approach. 

3. Sizable Battery Backup for Emergencies 

It’s imperative to have a sound backup system that works in tandem with your primary solar power system. You can use the stored energy in case of emergencies and unforeseen scenarios. When you fill the extra roof space with PV solar panels, you build a reliable backup mechanism, and the stored energy can also be sold back to the solar power company. This reduces the pay-back time for your roof-top installation, and you also save a handful of money regularly.  

To Conclude 

Roof-top solar installations are efficient, value-for-money and offer a guaranteed positive return on investment. You need to ensure that you fill the extra roof space with solar panels so that your system generates adequate amounts of power regularly. Larger PV solar panels utilize maximum sunlight which, in turn, effortlessly meets your energy requirements. More solar panels save you more money per watt and therefore avoid the practice of reducing panels for cost-cutting. With more energy production, you achieve a stable power backup supply system that helps you tackle emergencies efficiently. Get your roof space filled with solar panels to enjoy long term benefits.

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