Can Australia Become Fully Renewable by 2040?

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Can Australia Become Fully Renewable by 2040?

Based on capacity and watts per capita, Australia can proudly boast that it ranks among the world’s top ten solar countries, as of today. With the installation of a photovoltaic capacity of 12,959MW as of June 2019, the country has made it to the top ten list. The sudden rise in solar PV installations in Australia since 2018 exorbitantly drove the country from being considered a relative laggard to a strong competitor in solar PV development by mid-2019. To achieve a 20 percent share of electricity supply in Australia by 2020 through renewable energy sources, the Australian government had introduced a Mandatory Renewable Energy Target in 2001. The motto has always been the same”generation through renewable sources”. Australia has a goal to generate electricity out of 33,000GWH of renewable energy from large sources including wind, hydro, landfill gas by 2020.

Solar panels: A Prized Possession in Every House of Australia 

 Keeping in mind the many benefits of solar panels, it’s popularity has increased with the decrease in its prices. The reduced electricity bills and the eco-friendly effect has compelled the Australian people to choose the very cost-effective and environmentally friendly solar panels. Not only this, but the solar panels also feed the Australians in tariff for excess energy. There are times when excess energy is created than the actual consumption, it is then one can sell back the energy to the grid for the rate called “Feed-in tariff ” whose rates vary from state to state.

Solar, a Super Power in Australia 

Solar generation panels are not just restricted to homes but play a major role in businesses and big companies. The solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs generate electricity through cells of specially fabricated semiconductor crystals. Since Australia is one of the sunniest continents in the world, there is massive potential for solar light to play a significant role in electricity generation in Australia over the coming years. 

Millions of people in Australia today enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar systems. The massive awareness of the environment is encouraging people in Australia to produce electricity through solar panels. The rapid growth in commercial buildings, malls, schools, shopping centers helps them to control their rising electricity bills, thus increasing their focus on sustainability.

A Big Leap from Household to Commercial  According to solar feed, the businesses in Australia are taking a momentous leap of 83 percent increase in the capacity of commercial solar installations between 100KW and 5MW. Since there is an expectation of many large scale projects to be completed in the next 2years, installations will also double up. And if this took place at the current pace, 90 percent of businesses would have solar panels installed by 2030.

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