How Cheap is Solar Power in Australia?

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{How Cheap is Solar Power in Australia?}

In 2020, the average cost of a 5kW system is around $6500 in Australia, but it varies from area to area. It is said that solar installations pay for themselves over time, so, it’s important to factor in the pay-back time in your location while calculating the cost of solar panels. 

Many Australian solar power vendors offer cheap pricing as their only ‘unique selling point’ hoping to capture a significant market share. They work with low-paid, unskilled full-time employees, or the cheapest subcontractors for cost-cutting, and execute rushed installations that under-perform and fail prematurely. Customers must steer clear of these vendors and their false claims. 

How Cheap is Actually Cheap When it Comes to Solar Power Systems in Australia?

Often buyers call for solar power system installation quotes from various sellers for comparisons before they make any purchases. It’s common for them to find wide discrepancies in quotes from multiple solar system vendors, even if they are selling the same kind of solar merchandise. This raises questions about the credibility of the solar vendor who is selling solar power installations at a higher price. 

However, customers need to dig deeper than just looking at the prices when they purchase solar power installations. They may find that the seller who is selling solar power installations at lower pricing may be a high-volume, low-margin business. Such vendors often buy in bulk and then pass the benefit of savings to their customers to gain a competitive edge in the over-populated Australian solar market. Buyers must consider themselves blessed to find such vendors in the market and leverage their services for their own advantage. 

On the other hand, solar system vendors may be selling cheap solar power installations of below-average quality. Their business model may involve a quick installation process, sans any other after-sales services for customers. This translates into cheap solar systems for cheap pricing and something that every buyer must stay away from. Even if a low-quote vendor offers the same brand of solar panel installations as the high quote vendor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go with them.

How to Buy the Best Solar System Installations at the Best Prices?

Self-conducted, unbiased research is the best way to steer clear of unrealistic solar system cheap quotes and buy the best solar system for the best price. 

Before buying a solar installation for your personal use, make it a point to go through your solar system vendor’s reputation online. This can help build credibility before investing money in solar installations.  Quality solar system installation is one that produces sustained, reliable energy and proves to be cost-efficient in the long run. Buyers can make a smart investment in solar power buy avoiding overpaying for solar system installations. But it is important to accept the fact that buying smart doesn’t always mean opting for cheaply priced solar panels which do not do the job right and wear out quickly. All in all, a cheap deal is not always the best deal when it comes to solar panel installations.

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