How to Get the Best Solar Battery Deal in South Australia?

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How to Get the Best Solar Battery Deal in South Australia?

It’s a well-known fact that solar energy is by far the most abundant resource of renewable energy. Homeowners in South Australia have gained better insights on the importance of the solar power system than homeowners in other parts of the world. According to SolarQuotes, more than 250,000 households are already reaping the benefits of solar electricity in South Australia. 

If you also plan to get a home solar system, ensure that the system is from a reputed manufacturer, and the quality is solid. An efficient solar battery would undoubtedly be a great companion for your solar panel.

Why is a Good Solar Battery So Critical?

Solar batteries provide electricity when the solar panels aren’t functioning with full productivity due to cloud cover or other unexpected shadings. The solar battery retains energy when the solar panel produces excessive electricity, which, by default, goes directly to the power grid. So, all the extra electricity is utilized to charge the battery. 

When the solar panel system faces power supply issues, the solar battery comes to the rescue to ensure consistent power supply. Since all the batteries come with a fixed capacity, the supply is transferred to the primary solar power supply as soon as the battery is either completely drained or fully charged. So, if you’re selecting an off-grid solar power for the home, a decent solar battery plays a critical role. 

Factors to Consider Before Finalizing the Solar Battery Deal 

There are a few important factors to bear in mind before getting the best solar battery to accompany your home solar system. Consider the factors mentioned below, and you’ll have a clear picture in mind. 

1. Battery’s Performance (Power)

Ensure that the solar battery you settle on has the capacity to support extended periods of power supply, even if there’s a hiccup with the primary solar power supply. Also, check for the battery’s power rating. It’s an indication of its performance and gives an idea about the power you can expect from the solar battery at one time. The best combination is a battery with high capacity and high power rating. Such a battery can supply high power electricity for prolonged periods.

2. Depth of Discharge (DoD)

If the battery discharges completely, i.e., 100%, it will affect its longevity. So, manufacturers specify a DoD for their batteries, which gives homeowners an indication of the battery’s usability in one go. The higher the DoD, the longer the battery will serve in one charge.

3. Warranty and Longevity

Rechargeable appliances show a dip in performance over time, and the same is also the case with a solar battery. But, there’s a degradation ratio for this too. So, select the battery with the minimum degradation ratio so that the battery can function efficiently even after several years. And of course, never purchase a solar battery that doesn’t come with a  warranty.

Wrapping Up  South Australia has adapted to home solar panels very smoothly, and the predicted numbers are also promising. Choosing a power supply system that’s modern, eco-friendly, and saves money is an offer that homeowners wouldn’t want to refuse. So, consult with an expert solar panel installation agency and get one installed for your household without delay. 

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