Must Ask Questions Before Investing in Commercial Solar Installations?

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Must Ask Questions Before Investing in Commercial Solar Installations?

Commercial solar installations offer a win-win proposition to the business owners in Australia. Be it Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra; businesses can get commercial solar for their venture and save a lot of money with this futuristic investment. However, having a sheer understanding of what a  business is looking for can  ensure a smooth deal with the vendor. To make things simple, always ask diversified questions to the solar contractor related to finance, installation, experience, maintenance and everything else that is under the gamut of business concern. 

Here are a few must-ask questions which answer most of your queries related to commercial solar installations: 

1. What is the Adequate System Size to Match Business Energy Requirements?

The solar system size should be decided after multifold data evaluation. The roof size, energy requirements, peak-hour analysis, monthly usage, etc., should be studied thoroughly before arriving at a decision. The electricity demands of a workstation can be met by a commercial solar only when the system is of the optimum size. If the solar power system is too large, it’s a waste of investment because business ends up producing more electricity than needed. Conversely, if the system’s so small that it doesn’t even match the standard energy requirements, the business won’t save any money on the bills. In such cases, businesses would also have to compromise with the venture’s peak-hour energy requirements. 

2. What is the Vendor’s Prior Commercial Solar Works and Licensing?

The vendor must have the legal accreditation from CEC (Clean Energy Council) alongside their ABN (Australian Business Number) and ACN (Australian Company Number). Individual licensing is also done state-wise, so always ask the vendor to present their legal documentation. Start the conversation around commercial solar only after evaluating the company’s authenticity. Question them about their past works in Australia 

3. What About Warranty and Maintenance?

Always enquire about the warranty and product guarantee norms of the commercial solar. Different commercial solar quotes come with different warranty periods. Therefore, discuss all packages and choose the one that comes with the highest warranty at the right price. Ask about solar maintenance too as some come with a fixed recurring model while some other with an on-call basis. Evaluate the commercial solar’s performance and don’t go overboard with unnecessary maintenance checks.

4. What Would be the Payment-Mode if the Deal goes Through?

Businesses often come across several financial plans as one explores numerous project quotes from commercial solar vendors. Look for flexible payments options that incline with your desired investment plans. Question the vendor about hassle-free EMI options, low upfront fee plans, etc. Don’t compromise one bit on the financial forefront because there are a plethora of options available in Australia to choose from. 

To Conclude 
Commercial solar installations require attentiveness and proactiveness. The more one researches and asks, the better the knowledge pool. This helps a business compare various commercial solar quotes while choosing the best one that efficiently meets your business energy requirements. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, because the more the questions, the more the learning, and the better the comparisons.

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