New Wind and Solar Would Improve Grid Reliability and Lower Down the Costs.

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New Wind and Solar Would Improve Grid Reliability and Lower Down the Costs

Renewable sources of energy provide a sustainable power supply and help the world save precious fossil fuels and other exhausting resources of energy. As per AEMO’s statement, the introduction of new wind and solar capacity has ensured that the insubstantial power grip system of Australia gets much-needed reliability. 

How will Wind and Solar Power System Introduction help in Maintaining Grid Reliability? 

Potent systems of energy generation like wind and rooftop solar systems have seen an unforeseen rise in Australia in the past few years. “AEMO’s latest analysis observes an improved reliability outlook across the next few years driven by the rapid development of distributed and large-scale renewables, increased transmission capacity and reduced peak demand,” the organization projects for forthcoming years. The fragile grid supply system of Australia has been under the scanner for quite some time now. 

A futuristic collaboration with solar and wind energy generation methods seems the best foot forward. The demand patterns have changed gradually because of urbanization which has raised questions on the stability of grid power supply. With commercial solar and rooftop solar installations now becoming a mainstay in Australia, the AEMO finally breathes a sigh of relief. The Australian Energy Market Operator also confirms that the organization will continue to make smart investments in renewable resources. The best part of the deal is that it won’t cost them anything until actual deployment takes place. 

Future Projections 

South Australia is the outright leader when it comes to reliance on renewable resources like wind and rooftop solar energy. Several households and business-oriented workstations are already reaping rich dividends of solar power systems in the state. Their target is to reach net 100% renewables before 2030 while that of Victoria is 50% for the same timeframe. “In future years, the declining reliability of the aging coal fleet and scheduled plant closures contribute to projected increases in unserved energy, particularly in New South Wales (NSW), and some degree in Victoria,” the Australian Energy Market Commission exclaims.   

Need for Innovation and System Efficiency 

Rooftop solar systems help businesses and households efficiently meet their peak-hour requirements. The AEMO said, “As we continue to see the increasing shift towards non-traditional generators and the increasing take-up of household rooftop PV, we are encountering new challenges of managing voltage, system strength, and inertia.”

Apart from Government-aided initiatives and plans, the organization also expects the private sector to come up with reliable solutions that are cost-efficient and boast of longevity. “With minimum demand carved out during the day, there’s an opportunity for innovative solutions and technologies to enter the market, and utility-scale energy storage is likely to become increasingly important for daily operation,” the authority expressed. 

To Conclude

Lowering energy costs and improving grid reliability are the milestones that AEMC desires to accomplish through new wind and solar capacity introductions. The commission is committed to investing in these solutions so that the country receives an equilibrium between renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy with equal efficiency.

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